Aros on existing amiga hardware

To make Aros 68k better running on slower hardware there is a bounty to update Workbook to 3.1. level. Workbook is a lightweight Aros desktop booting from disk. The idea is to lower the minimum requirement for Aros to 68020 or 68030. If you want a free and open OS on 68k amiga hardware that is in development then support the bounty

Aros on future amiga hardware

Aros Rom Replacement and Aros 68k perfectly fits to new Vampire 2 / Apollo because sources are free and open and can be adapted to new amiga hardware.

More to come...

Aros on emulation (UAE)

Aros 68k already runs on many different platforms including Windows (WinUAE and FS-UAE), Macintosh and Linux (FS-UAE), Aros x86, ARM based hardware and Android (UAE4ALL). Another variant is AMINUX that boots from stick.




Video (Youtube) of Aros Vision 2.9.8

Aros Vision on Facebook

AROS Forum

Overview over Aros Vision

Newest versions:

RTG: 3.1


Conditions for download

direct download (Aros Vision RTG)
direct download (AMINUX)


Please support hosting and development by donations. Thank you in advance

AMINUX is Aros Vision RTG running from Stick booting Linux and directly starting UAE.

Aros Vision RTG is developed to offer everything that is possible on Aros 68k. Recommended WinUAE and FS-UAE.



First Tests running Aros 68k on Vampire / Apollo 68k FPGA

AROS RTG test with Vampire 600 V2 from ShK on Vimeo.

First Tests running Aros 68k on  Amiga

aros-aga from tak to ja on Vimeo.

Aros running in emulation

Aros on ARM (http://www.aeros-os.org)

Aros on X86 Icaros Desktop (http://vmwaros.blogspot.de/)

First steps:

Copy “installer” in C. Most recommended is this here from aminet or use manual below.

Change locale and keymaps is easy to do by right-mouseclick and then selects prefs/


  • to change locale and keymap use Prefs/Locales and Prefs/Keymaps and select the language
  • You can also change easily between english and german by Prefs/Language.
  • To change between Intuition-extension and AGA-extension in Amos select Prefs/Amos
  • Activate and deactivate Executive by Prefs/Executive
  • Arexx can be activated by Prefs/Arexx (when booting there is a error requester but rexxmast works)
  • Printer can be changed by Prefs/Printer (Postscript is default)
  • Installer can be downloaded from aminet by Prefs/Installer/Install. You can copy “Installer” then from Ram Disk in C
  • Between MUI38 and Zune you can change by Prefs/MUI
  • You can also change themes by Prefs/Themes and one of the options

With ralt-b (Backup of System) and ralt-r (Restore of System) the most important directories can be saved and restored. Useful when doing installations and something does not work anymore correctly. The files are saved in Extras/Restore.


del                        delete files
control a              Select all
control v              Copy
control x              Verschieben
ralt del                 Delete Trashcan
lalt F1                Prefs Font
lalt F3                Prefs OpenURL
lalt F5                Prefs Screenmode
lalt F6                Prefs Time
lalt F7                Prefs Wazp3d
F1                     Annotate
F2                     Multiview
F3                     Apdf
F4                     Amos
F5                     Simplemail
F6                     Aweb
F7                     CLI
F8                     Ignition
F9                     Netsurf
F10                   MakeCD
lalt                   SnoopDos

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