Installation of Aros Vision step by step

Download the Zip-File and unpack it somewhere on your harddrive (the file includes “System” folder so be careful not to overwrite existing folder)

Download and install FS-UAE + Launcher on your computer.

Tested with 2.3.15 (Development-Version)

Start Launcher

Now every screen step by step:

General Configuration

Amiga Model A4000 (68040)


Select the harddrive

Hardware options

select “aros-rom.bin” and “aros-ext.bin” from “boot”-directory. Then 8 MB Chipram and 8 MB Fastram and additionally Zorro II RAM. Picasso96 must be enabled (for RTG) and TCP/IP-Stack for Network.

Then select main-menu and there specific configuration

specific configuration

There you must add this:

uae_cpu_speed = max
uae_cpu_type = 68020
uae_gfx_card_size = 8
uae_maprom = 0xf0000000
uae_fpu_model = 68882
uae_cpu_model = 68020
chip_memory = 8192
fast_memory = 8192
zorro_iii_memory = 256000
uae_chipset = aga
uae_chipset_compatible = A1200
uae_cachesize = 8192

(uae_cachesize only on Mac and Linux to enable JIT)

Then “OK” and save configuration. Then you can start the emulation.


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